From The Ask Box: Olicity & The Moonlighting Curse


Love your Jisbon/Olicity comparison! Great points. I’d love to see you compare how many shows have succeeded in sailing their ships vs. terribly failing. Because everyone talks about the bad versions: Moonlighting. Currently on TV, we’ve got Bones, having a great run with their main characters as a couple, Castle too. (I honestly think old shows like Moonlighting shouldn’t be raised up as an example, as they were pre-internet. Shipping has changed so much!)

Glad you enjoyed the post!  I admit I sat on it for awhile after I wrote it, waffling about whether to put it up or not. 

I think you’re totally right about the whole Moonlighting argument.  Whenever I have this conversation with friends, I find myself debating it from three different perspectives.  Be warned, this is a long discussion post so people might want to get coffee first.  LOL.image

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When Did Oliver & Felicity Fall In Love? While You Were Sleeping.


This week has inspired me as an Olicity fan. While I realized that I had not taken the time to do an Olicity article in a fair amount of time, I had a special request from kripnatic to tell the story of how Oliver and Felicity fell in love, from my point of view. Happy Birthday,‎ Krithika!

Warning…super long post!

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